Ford Fusion: Saving Time, Money, and Fuel

The Ford Fusion is a midsize sedan that is equipped with fuel saving technology. The Ford & Wave feature and the EV Mode are just two of the systems.

The Fusion Plug-In Hybrid with EV Mode lets you select between using plug-in power, gas, or a combination of both. To help you pick the best mode Ford created the MyFord mobile app and the My Ford Mobile website. In these sites, you can schedule and monitor your Fusion’s charge. 

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Get a Closer Look at These Ford Escape Technology Features

What makes the all-new Ford Escape such a popular crossover? All you need to do is take one look at the countless technology features to understand all the buzz.

One of the features in the Ford Escape that many drivers are raving about is the Lane-Keeping System. The way this feature works is the radar in the car detects if the vehicle is slowly easing over the lane lines without use of the turn signals. If this is the case, the steering wheel begins to vibrate to alert the driver to take action. 

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The Incredible Ford Pre-Owned and Certified Deal

Ford consistently delivers on quality expectations with its cars, trucks, and SUVs. Buyers might worry about being able to afford a Ford. With the certified pre-owned programs, an option exists to purchase a used Ford model at a reasonable price. Better still, the previously owned vehicle comes with Ford's quality stamp.

How does Ford go about certifying the model? An extensive 172-point inspection goes a long way towards determining reliability in performance and capabilities. That is far more than the basic 24-point checks performed during oil changes at local garages. 

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Ford Taurus Comes Equipped with Several Technology Features

Why is the new Ford Taurus one of those full-size sedans you can't wait to drive? Just look at a few of the technology features to see why.

Once you are driving on the highways, you won't have to worry about your blind spots as much. The Taurus has a Blind Spot Information System that is scanning around the car to keep you safe. If any vehicle is close to or in one of your blind spots, you'll get an alert to stay in your lane until the area is clear. 

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The 2018 Ford Focus Electric: Clean and Intelligent

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric is a sought-after compact EV that has features you never knew you needed. Every detail is thought-out to ensure that the car is convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable.

The technology starts working before you even step into the vehicle. The Ford Focus Electric comes with Intelligent Access. The included key fob connects with the car as you're walking up. Simply pull the door handle with the fob in your pocket and it will automatically unlock. 

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Discover the 2018 Ford Expedition’s Notable Performance Features

Are you shopping for a full-size SUV? If you are, we recommend the Ford Expedition. Not only does the new Expedition offer a modern exterior design and roomy interior, it also comes well-furnished with a wide range of performance features. To learn more, here is a summary of the performance features that come with the Expedition.

The Platinum trim comes standard with a Continuously Controlled Damage (CCD) system. It is also optional on the Limited trim and offers three performance setting modes that include Comfort, Normal, and Sport. 

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List of Different Types of Truck Bed Liners

Here at West Herr Ford of Amherst, we wanted to take a minute and get our audience familiar with all the different bed liners available for their trucks. Most pickup trucks have the drop-in style bed liner. You'll instantly recognize the form fitted molded heavy-duty plastic that is like a custom fitting tub. Once installed, this liner can last for years and can be replaced when taking too much daily abuse.

The spray-on liners for the bed create a permanent seal on the bed that shields the truck from damage. The liner creates a seal that will absorb all…

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This Video Can Help You Choose a Vehicle

If you are struggling to figure out which vehicle you should invest in then this video may be able to help! We know how important it is to find a vehicle that suits your needs and provides you with a memorable experience on the road. That is why our team is here to help you out!

For instance, this video can help you see the differences between the 2018 Ford Fusion and one of its main competitor.

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Do You Love SUVs? Then You Will Love the 2018 Ford Escape

Many of our drivers are in the market for a new vehicle that has plenty of interior space, quality safety features, and modern capabilities. We know how important this is, especially for new families. That is why we have a wide array of vehicles, like the 2018 Ford Escape, available for you to consider purchasing.

Just check out this video and you will see why so many drivers are falling in love with this Ford vehicle!

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Ford Super Duty Truck Features Super Performance

If you desire a new heavy-duty pickup for work that will make your job easier, look no further than the 2018 Ford Super Duty from West Herr Ford Lincoln of Amherst. Below are two features that make these trucks popular with local drivers:

  • BoxLink and LED Box Lights - The Ford Super Duty comes with an available BoxLink system, allowing you to properly secure any load to the structurally-reinforced box sides. Also available are LED box lights that allow you to keep working long after the sun goes down or early in the morning before the sun rises. 
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