Rotating Your Tires Comes with Safety Benefits

There are definite benefits to rotating your tires, and if you haven’t considered them, now is the time. Routine tire rotation prolongs the life and drivability of your tires. You can also expect a smoother ride and better fuel economy as a result. An added benefit is that you’ll save money by not having to change tires so often.

Some experts recommend rotating tires every 6,000 miles, just about the same for an oil change. Vehicles with four-wheel drive should rotate tires even more frequently.

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Original Parts Inventory From Our Service Center Can Save You Money

You take good care of your Ford vehicle, and you want others to do the same when it comes to repairs and service. Whether it’s regular maintenance or an unexpected repair, having the work completed by West Herr Ford of Amherst is going to be the best decision to give you assurances that it’s done professionally.

We’re more than prepared with the best automotive technicians available as well as having a well-stocked inventory with the correct OEM parts needed to service your vehicle. T

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Traveling with Pets

When you travel with your pets, things can happen. You need to be prepared. Any pet mom or dad should follow these tips for travel. They will help you prepare for the trip before it happens.

7 Tips for Traveling with Pets

- Have familiar things in the car.
- Rotate the pet toys and blankets with the ones in the house.
- Have a water bowl and food.
- If you have a cat, then have a spare potty box and a bag of litter.
- Keep tape in the trunk.
- Have bottles of water if you can.
- Keep rare new toys to relieve…
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Top 3 Factors to Guide You on Whether to Buy or Lease a Car

Buying or leasing a car is a decision that one is required to make depending on various essential factors.

Duration of use: If you want to use the car for a short period of time, you should consider leasing. This is because you may not need the car after a certain period. However, one can buy a car if the use is long-term because leasing a car for a long period of time can be expensive in the long run.

Consider the amount you are willing to spend on the car. Leasing a car for has lower monthly payments than…
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Why Do I Need To Change My Oil?

Every vehicle owner has had to change their oil before. It’s a part of the driving experience, and it needs to be done regularly. However, you may wonder why. What purpose does changing your oil serve?

These are a few of the ways in which changing your oil helps your vehicle:

  • your fuel economy is improved
  • your vehicle will last longer
  • all of the sludge, and dirt particles, will be removed
  • your engine components will be properly lubricated
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Keep Your Paint, Keep It Clean

Do you like your paint job on your vehicle? Did you pick it out from a whole line of similar vehicles because the color was your favorite? Did you actually spend the money for a custom paint job or details? Then make sure you get the most life out of your investment, and keep your car clean.

Regular washing of your vehicle will make the paint job last longer. Road driving builds up sand and other grit on the surface of your car. It can mix with rain and other pollutants to discolor or weaken your paint. Things like bird…
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