As far as full-size pickup trucks available today go, the Ford F-150 is among the most popular. Not only has it been around for years, but it also has the Ford brand behind it. Beyond this, the new features that have been added really solidify its place near the top.

Drivers have long been concerned about safety when backing up with a trailer attached. The new Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature should alleviate those concerns. By syncing the trailer and truck as it goes in reverse, the process becomes very simple. The F-150 is the first vehicle to offer this feature.

The towing capacity is also quite impressive. You will be able to easily tow as much as 13,200 pounds behind you with the twin-turbo V6 engine that the F-150 has under the hood. This is why you will want to come by West Herr Ford and schedule a test drive so you can experience it for yourself.


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