Ford Ranger: Design Features You Want Most

The Ford Ranger is a perennial favorite among truck lovers. This mid-size truck is packed with design features that drivers demand the most. Let’s see how Ford packed this truck with design features to make driving a pleasure.

Ford gave the Ranger advanced technology such as lane-keeping assist that will even tell you when it might be time to take a break. FordPass Connect lets you connect up to 10 devices up to a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

The biggest choice is whether to get the SuperCab or SuperCrew. You can even have the rear seat removed so that you can use it to store gear. The emphasis of the interior is on style, but it also focuses on function. Ford gives you choices and it focuses on the driving experience by including controls and instruments that are easy to read. Ford placed your needs first when it designed the new Ranger.



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