The Powertrain Warranty vs Bumper to Bumper Warranty

If you are looking for your next new vehicle, then it is important to keep in mind that part of the price you pay for that vehicle includes the warranty that accompanies it. As a result of this, it is important for you to have a basic understanding of what those vehicle warranties cover and what that means for you and your potential next purchase.

The most common vehicle warranties out there are powertrain warranties and bumper to bumper warranties. As you might expect from the name, the bumper to bumper warranty is going to pretty much cover any part on the vehicle.

A powertrain warranty is going to cover the items on the vehicle that generate or transfer power. This normally includes things like your engine, transmission, and drivetrain.

If you have any further questions regarding auto warranties, then ask one of the Ford finance and sales experts here at West Herr Ford of Amherst.

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