Why Do I Need To Change My Oil?

Every vehicle owner has had to change their oil before. It’s a part of the driving experience, and it needs to be done regularly. However, you may wonder why. What purpose does changing your oil serve?

These are a few of the ways in which changing your oil helps your vehicle:

  • your fuel economy is improved
  • your vehicle will last longer
  • all of the sludge, and dirt particles, will be removed
  • your engine components will be properly lubricated

These are just a few of the ways an oil change can help your vehicle. There are plenty of other benefits, as well.

If you have any questions about oil changes, or if you would like to schedule a time to see our service team, we invite you to visit us at West Herr Ford of Amherst in Getzville, NY. Our team would be happy to assist you with your automotive needs.

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